Wednesday, 6 May 2020

The Album Club Remixed #4 - Soull II Soul 'Club Classic Vol. One'- Reviews

Soul II Soul, evocative sounding isn't it?!? Getting illusions of tasting the Godfathers Jimmy B or Georgie C? Don't, because this sure aint Soul and it definitely aint funky so if you're hungry for either you've come to the wrong place.. This is 1989 and this is, erm.... well, R&B is probably were you'd find it (mis)filed in the shiny racks of HMV, Virgin or Woolworths.

If there is any message, political or otherwise, regarding the times and the origins of these 'tunes' it is more than subtly hidden behind breakbeats and heavily synthesised strings. Is this music to dance to? Is it music to chill out to?  It fails both tests but fortunately we have the eponymous Mr B explain on 'Jazzie's Groove' that this is just him and his London crew with their sound system making some music as they've always done.  Unfortunately labeling this long player as some sort of antidote to the Second Summer of Love rave scene is probably the kindest I can personally muster.

The dawn of this ground breaking new decade shouldn't be remembered for the saturation of television screens of Soul II Soul in their yard swaying to the 'Back to Life' video. 1989 saw notable releases from Faith No More, Stone Roses, The Pixies, The Cure, (not to mention Nirvana's Bleach) all hitting the shelves around the time of this album. So, remember for a real recipe of soul and elusive funk De La Soul's Three Feet High and Rising was there to be devoured too. Now that is a real club classic to feast upon. Peace out Funki Dreds.


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