Tuesday, 31 March 2020

The Album Club Remixed...

The Album Club Remixed April 2020
Michael Kiwanuka (2016) 'Love & Hate'

The Album club remixed is a new format for our regular discussion on a nominated album. The conversation happens virtually, with recorded contributions and written comments or questions from social media.

Be it MP3, vinyl or  cassette it goes without saying that we’ll get the most from the discussion if you have a good listen to the album in the run up.

Here’s a spotify link: 

The two key tracks* from the album are:
Track 2
Black Man in a White World
Track 6
One More Night
*These are tracks we’ll focus on, but we do want to talk about the whole album.

Please can you let me have a three bullet point review of the album (by email) by 10pm on Thursday 2nd April.  This will help to prompt the discussion and give us something to get the ball rolling. You can say what you loved, what you hated,
what you don’t understand, how you felt, what was missing...

How it works...
You will receive an email invitation to participate via Cleanfeed (you should use a wifi/4g connection and headphones). 

We will start with some introductions and any questions before we kick off.

The discussion will take in- a bit of an overview, a discussion framed around two key tracks, comments, thoughts and views on the album.

It will last for 10-15 mins and then be edited to form the future radio show. This show is planned to air on Tuesday 7th April 2020 @7pm

The session will be hosted by James Sandy from Switch Radio.

You must email us to take part in the session:

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Fluff on the needle...

As you can appreciate The Album Club has had to be put on hold for a bit. We'll be in touch again soon as things develop and also keep you posted on how you might get involved with other projects.

Stay Safe.

Tuesday, 10 March 2020


The Influence Project celebrates the impact that leading Black musicians have had on contemporary sound and culture, and their enduring creative, social and political influence on new generations of artists. The exhibition is a collaboration between photographer Alexis Chabala and curator Lorayne Crawford, featuring portraits of over 100 artists plus a selection of photographs shown publicly for the first time ever. 

It runs at MAC Birmingham until Sunday 22nd March 2020.

To celebrate these innovators of sound, The Album Club has chosen Michael Kiwanuka's 2016 album 'Love & Hate' for its next meeting on Wednesday 18th March 2020 @ 7pm, Saintbury Room, MAC Birmingham.

This meeting has been cancelled. The Album Club will return and 'Love & Hate' properly considered in due course.

Let us know if you're planning to come at: