Tuesday, 30 April 2019

May we...

OK folks, a bit of an update as by now you are probably wondering-

'What was I supposed to be listening to this week?'

Having taken stock over the last week, looked at diaries, timescales and availability (and calmed down from that sunny Easter holiday period) we have decided on an alternative plan for The Album Club schedule.

The next recording session for The Album Club will be pushed back to the 5th June (with a Moon Fest Theme).

The planned session focused on a Heavy Metal album/Ben Venom exhibition will move to a July slot (his exhibition runs until the 8th Sept) which gives us more time to plug in some of our DJs who specialise in that kind of music, build our promotions and give the poll a good run-in time.

The meeting scheduled for May 8th is still left in the diary as a 'meet up' for volunteers and more of a 'social' in the bar area at MAC Birmingham. Come along and give us your feedback so far, ideas on branding & promotion and see how we might develop The Album Club.

See...there is a plan.

'Thank 'eavens!' as Maurice might say.

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