How it Works

The Background

107.5 Switch Radio & MAC Birmingham have developed a new creative project for volunteers who are interested in supporting media & arts organisations across the City. Both organisations have strong track records of retaining and developing volunteers and are now seeking ways to broaden that support across a variety of tasks and roles.
'The Album Club' (previously called 'The Old Voluntary Album Test') aims to create an interactive and social event which will:
  • Provide creative project opportunities for existing MAC volunteers.
  • Encourage new volunteers for both MAC & 107.5 Switch Radio.
  • Support volunteers through training in presenting and production.
  • Create content for a regular ‘album club’ show on 107.5 Switch Radio.

How it works now...

The Album Club Remixed is a new format for our regular discussion on a nominated album. The conversation happens virtually, with recorded contributions and written comments or questions from social media.

You will receive an email invitation to participate via Cleanfeed (you should use a wifi/4g connection and headphones). 

We start with some introductions and any questions before we kick off.

The discussion will take in- a bit of an overview, a discussion framed around two key tracks, comments, thoughts and views on the album. It will last for 10-15 mins and then be edited to form the future radio show. 

This show is planned to air fortnightly on Tuesdays from 7th April 2020 @7pm. 

How did it work?
(A) One Month before the event
An online poll determines the album that volunteers will be discussing (it appears on this blog and on our Facebook Group).
(B) One week before the event
Volunteers who have signed up to the session will be sent a link to a blog page outlining a Spotify (other streaming services are available) link to the chosen album and key tracks for the discussion.
(C) The Monday before the event
Volunteers will be asked to submit a five line review of the album (via the blog or email). This helps frame the discussion and provide reference points for the recording.
The event itself...
7 pm Briefing & Outline
Volunteers are briefed and given a run through of how the discussion will be structured and given a cuppa.
James Sandy from Switch Radio facilitates the debate which is recorded for editing & broadcast.
7.15 pm Discussion & Recording
Outline structure:
  • Overview of the album.
  • Overview of the artist.
  • Discussion framed around 4 key tracks.
  • Comment invited from submitted ‘5 line’ reviews.
45 mins duration (final edit aim of one hour including tracks).
8.00/8.15 pm Finish
Sessions will be supported by colleagues from both MAC & Switch Radio.
If you would like to participate in the album discussion, would like more information or to help facilitate the event please contact us via

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